Recorded at Big Nice Studios with Bradford Krieger


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Fabrication: The Mountainess EP
by Zabava Marvinovna

The powerful stories we tell ourselves (and the future) are fabrications of the present juxtaposed with our archival footage.
How can art guide us to truth about ourselves when so much of it is made out of whole cloth?*
Mountainess, a new solo project, explores this question with her first self-titled EP.
With each song, she fills the silent spaces between the fragments of a family history, her history.
This lyrical exploration reflects the need to bind the past to the present, even as the memories unravel.

*Whole Cloth: Before the 1850's and Thomas Haliburton's novel "The Clockmaker,"
a cloth that had integrity and was not patched together from remnant (Safire, 1998)