“Like a flock of floating paper lanterns silently rising from the center of a Miyazaki-esque forest. One such lantern got away early and landed in my car stereo, subsequently setting my speakers and ears alight with a most florid array of night-blooming wonders….”

-Armand Aromin, The PVD HOOT

Mountainess is the cinematic and deeply lyrical creation
of Providence-based musician Emily Goldstein. 

A confessional poet, a peeling bell, a rain cloud, a haunted house—
no matter what you hear, Mountainess holds her ground and rarely says sorry.

A project born out of a desire to convey sincerity in a musical realm
saturated with wry, distant vocal delivery, 
Mountainess aims to be present and up close. 

For Booking and Other Inquiries: mountainessmusic@gmail.com